£120m could help transform Edinburgh’s transport system, providing vital funds for urgently needed infrastructure like segregated cycle paths, bus lanes and park and rides. But instead the Council, in partnership with the Scottish Government, plan on spending this cash on a new spaghetti junction on the Edinburgh bypass. The world faces a climate emergency, and this is the best they can think of?

But the deal isn’t done yet.

Transport Scotland are consulting on the proposal now. Please take action and let the Council know that you want the Sheriffhall spaghetti junction cancelled, and the money invested in public transport and cycling infrastructure instead.

What is this consultation about?

The Scottish Government have declared a climate emergency, and in the face of an emergency everything must change. Proceeding with the £120m Sheriffhall roundabout is business as usual. More roads just means more traffic and more greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also a missed opportunity. £120m could put Edinburgh on an alternative path, helping residents, visitors and commuters cyle, walk and take public transport. This is what leading cities across Europe are doing, and it’s where Edinburgh and Scotland needs to go. Starting with cancelling this dinosaur project, and investing this cash in cycling infrastructure and public transport instead.

The impact on our climate

Incredibly Transport Scotland are claiming that this project will have only a “minor adverse impact” on the climate. But this ignores their own estimate that traffic on the bypass will increase by 5% the year that the new roundabout opens. The fact is that if you build roads, they fill with more cars. Just look at the Queensferry Crossing, which has resulted in an additional 1 million cars crossing the Forth every year. It also ignores the fact that this funding could be put to better use, helping reduce traffic and emissions.

What are the alternatives?

In developing this proposal, Transport Scotland considered eight alternatives, all of which were variations of a new spaghetti junction. We believe that alternatives should be considered that would reduce travel times and emissions by giving commuters and visitors alternative options to sitting in traffic. £120m is enough for 120 miles of segregated cycle paths, for example, or a massive expansion in park and ride facilities.

Take action

Transport Scotland are asking for consultation responses by 31 January. We need as many people as possible from across Scotland objecting to this obscene waste of money and calling for investment in public transport and cycling and walking infrastructure instead. This action submits a standard consultation response on your behalf, or you can submit your own response directly by emailing a720sheriffhallroundabout@transport.gov.scot. You can see all the consultation documents here.

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